Hello, my name is Jesus Garcia (CHUCHO) and

I am a Creative Artist

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My Art

“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”
-- Leonardo da Vinci
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I'm currently seeing Galleries to Exhibit my Art Pieces.


As a Visual Designer and Artist, I can provide a modern approach between design and art. Combining these skills can create concepts for decorating rooms, murals, interiors and more.


When we mix design and art we can create wonders. The combination of colors and good space planning makes the decoration successful and appealing.


Painting is my true passion. When I am creating a piece of art on my canvas I feel free, with no boundaries of time and creativity.

Digital Art

Today art has several paths; digital art can offer us a lot of possibilities to create. With the right tools, knowledge and talent, we can achieve unimaginable results.

Graphic Arts

The graphic arts allow us to develop websites, advertisement, enhance photos, and create compositions.

About me

Above all things, I am a creator. I am an artist, designer, poet, and thinker. For me, the smell of oil is supernatural, is joy, hope, courage, positive energy. When I finish a piece of art, and I observe it carefully, I feel I have contributed to the history of mankind, because we all are one connected thing.


Photography is one of my passions. Capturing the fleeting moments of life on a slide has its rewards.


I am one of those who cannot live without music. It's something that I need and enjoy. All my artwork pieces are impregnated with the energy of music that I feel like listening at that moment. The music can vary from mystical to pop, which gives a different flavor to each of my painting strokes.


Transforming a blank canvas into a masterpiece is something simply divine.


We are all one with the Universe. We are part of nature and it is linked to us.


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