Thanks for your interest in Chucho’s work! In this section, you may request a custom art piece according to your wall measurements, budget, and any specific topic you want.

Chucho creates each piece of personalized art by hand, using different materials such as oil or acrylic on canvas or table. He also makes drawing on paper with colored pencils, ink, and pastel. Chucho uses the best brands of materials on the market.

Each artwork is made with great dedication and care. It is hand-signed by Chucho and always comes with a certificate of authenticity as proof of value.

Request Custom Artwork
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  • You can choose the topic, concept, or specific details you want the art piece to include, but remember that all work will be subject to the artist’s creative discretion.
  • There is a 4 to 8 weeks turnaround to complete each piece.
  • The prices are set at $3/sq inch.
  • 50% downpayment is required at commission signing. The remaining balance and shipping costs are due 72 hours before shipment.
  • Framing and shipping are not included in the price.
  • Upon completion, white-glove crated shipping can be arranged to take care of your investment.
  • Shipping costs vary based on the size of the artwork as well as the shipping location. If you are purchasing a canvas painting over 48 inches and want to save a lot of money on shipping, we can ship the painting rolled instead of on the frame. For special shipping requests, please email; we will be more than happy to help.
  • Pickup is available in Davie, Florida only.
  • After you send your request using the form at the left, we will be in contact with you with a precise quote and details about your artwork.
  • You will be able to pay online using your credit card.




This is a 30 × 36 in Landscape. The painting was commissioned to be at a Lake House in Tennessee. I created this piece using an original photo of this place taken by my client. I used oil paint on linen canvas.



This is a 24 × 36 in maritime landscape with the Eagle One ship, the first Coast Guard ship in the United States of America. The painting was commissioned to be delivered in honor of a Coast Guard officer. His father (a former army officer and friend of mine) commissioned me to paint the Eagle One boat for him, where his son did his first internship as a United States Coast Guard.



This is a 16 × 22 inch piece. I did the painting for a friend who is a hunter. I used oil paint on a panel with canvas. I wanted to create something that could reflect the hunter, I decided to use the shotgun with the smoke coming out of it, representing the moment after the shot, where the hunter reloaded the weapon.