About Jesus Garcia Anido (Chucho)


“I am a lover of beautiful things, like exploring and contemplating distant lands.”

“All my paintings are unique. I do not repeat any of my paintings. I can create a different version of something that I have done before, but not a copy.”

“I usually paint what I like and the way I like it. I have done and continue doing works commissioned by my clients for private collections, museums, etc.”

“I am fascinated by the great masters, their techniques, their finished work quality, and their formidable compositions. I adore art in its splendor.”

“I will always defend good art, and Ampart will never be a true artistic expression. The term Ampart has been created by the artist Antonio Garcia Villaran; I agree 100% with it.”

“Without art, societies would immerse themselves in work and desolation. The technologies catch us, and sometimes they don’t let us look beyond our hands, grabbing a smartphone. The world must be looked without filters, without having to do it through a screen.”

More About the Artist

Chucho (Jesus Garcia Anido) was born in Havana, Cuba, and has lived in the US since 2009.

His artistic development begins since he was very young. His grandfather, Guillermo Anido, instilled his passion for drawing and painting, training him on several techniques of drawing. The Anido family settled in Las Villas, central Cuba, has given birth to well-known artists for generations.

As a child, Chucho made several series of drawings and even participated in drawing competitions in which he was among the top three. In his adolescence, he studied art with a private instructor. Then, in 2002, he joined the Institute of Design in Havana to study Arts and Design (ISDI). During the five years of study at the ISDI, he participated in several exhibitions and art competitions being awarded first and second places.

After he left Cuba, Chucho lived in Mexico City for one year and then in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he began a new life. After a couple of years, he moved to Hollywood in Florida and came back to the brushes and canvas. At that time, he completed a series of landscapes and conceptual artworks about a somewhat controversial topic for him: the political and emotional situation of Cuba after 60 years of dictatorship and embargo.

On his art, we can appreciate a combination of past, present, new and old elements. Through the oil on canvas, he expresses his emotions and feelings about his native country and the impact of the past on people’s psychological state.

Another significant influence of Chucho’s art has been the Renaissance time. He has spent months visiting different museums and cathedrals in Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Valencia, Seville, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Venice, Florence, Vatican, Rome, and Athens. Traveling impregnates his art with the perfectionist and dedicated style of those times. Chucho recreates himself on small details that probably only God would look at, but he spends time on each line, as it would be by itself a magnificent piece of art.

Currently, Chucho lives in South Florida. There he has his art studio at home where he continuously expresses himself through lines, shapes, and colors. So far, he sells his work to private art collectors through his website and other platforms online and in person.


Events & Exhibitions

art events-small

- 2020. October 18- 22nd.

ARTBOX/PROJECTS Barcelona 1.0,

- 2019. DEC 02-0 8.

Eduardo Lira Art Gallery, 2075 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127

- 2012. JUN 7- JUL 7 CAFE:

The Journeys of Artists and Writers of The Cuban Diaspora Project
Cremata Gallery, 1646 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135